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The Medieval Old Town

The Old Town, built on a hill, has a very interesting past:

The castle, its entry and its richly decorated façade were constructed at the end of the 13th century by the Lausanne Bishops. The Protestant Church, originally dedicated to Mary Magdelene was built at the end of the 11th century. The Town Hall has been referenced since the 15th century. The Rue Centrale is embellished with portals, arcades and fountains. The Rue des Alpes features the Boarding School, the Terraces and the Benneville Tower. The Vully Tower and the Priest’s Rectory are located on the Rue de Jura.

Another sight to see is the bust of General Guisan, the famous Avenches citizen, located in front of the post office building. And of course, inside the castle, be sure to visit the monument dedicated to Ernest Failloubaz, the first and foremost Swiss pilot who held the very first pilot’s license (License No. 1) in Switzerland.

Donatyre Roman Church
On the hills above Avenches, in a place called “Donatyre,” the Romans built a church with rubble recuperated from the ancient Roman fortification walls. This building is another interesting testament to the 11th century.


Guided Tours of the Roman site, the Roman Museum and the old town of Avenches:
Length of Tour: 60 minutes.
Cost: CHF 60.-/ Group (max. 25 people)
Reservations: Avenches Tourism, Tel. +41 26 676 99 22 or on-line

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