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Information for Seasonal Campers

General information concerning the administration, operation and rules of the campsite.

Contracts / Invoicing
The lease agreement for a campsite space is valid from 1 April to 31 October. It is valid only for the lessee (guest), his/her spouse and his/her minor age children. It is automatically renewed from season to season, unless there is written cancellation given from one or the other of the two parties.
The notice of cancellation for the following year must be received by Avenches Tourism not later than 31 October of the current year. Late cancellations will be subject to administrative costs.

All new lessees receive two copies of the campsite lease agreement; both of which must be duly signed and returned to Avenches Tourism. Upon Avenches Tourism’s completion, the lessee’s copy shall be sent to him/her by post.
Concerning invoice payment, the lessees must use the enclosed postal payment slip. The deadline for Avenches Tourism’s receipt of payment is 31 December; payment deadline is within 30 days of the invoice date.
REKA cheques are not accepted for seasonal leasing payments.

The enclosed campsite registration form must be completed and submitted at the reception desk, not later than 30 April.


Subletting is prohibited. If the lessee lends his campsite installation to another person, that person must announce the loan of the campsite to the reception desk and undertake the payment of required camping fees.

Rates 2021

No change in rates for 2021.

Taxes and fees to be paid at the reception desk
Anyone visiting and spending the night at the campsite, must announce their presence at the reception desk. A CHF 8.30 fee, plus the municipal tourist tax of CHF 1.50 per adult/per night are charged.
To replace a lost gate card or a lost official campsite badge/sticker, please contact the reception desk. Replacement cards/ badges/stickers shall be issued following payment of published fees.

AED Defibrillator
A semi-automatic defibrillator is available at the “Restaurant de la Plage.”
Outside of the restaurant hours, please make an immediate request at the Avenches Camping Beach’s reception desk or phone at Tel. +41 (0)79 611 14 74.
All of our staff are trained in the defibrillator’s use.

This is a reminder that your caravan must be equipped with a valid technical certificate of technical control (check) for the gas installation. This control, valid for a 5 year period, can be carried out, for example, by the Treyvaud Caravan Company in Avenches; who is authorized to provide this certificate. A copy of the certificate must be provided to the campsite’s reception desk.
A gas-powered caravan’s outside installations must also be controlled (checked).

Dog owners are advised to check in at the reception desk and pay the appropriate fee (dog tax) at the beginning of the season. A control will be made to confirm is your dog has been declared.
Dogs and cats must be kept on a lead and are prohibited in the swimming areas, beaches and sanitary facilities.

Only one standard-sized lock box/case is allowed per plot.
Article 9 of the Campsite Rules and Regulations must be applied in all campsite plots/places. A maximum of 11 slabs may be laid.
Throughout the entire campsite, slabs must be removed and stacked on pallets for winter storage.
Perforated carpeting and perforated plastic slabs are authorized for use on the ground. Waterproof under-flooring mats and under-coatings (such as plastic sheeting and tarpaulins) are prohibited.

Flag Poles/Antennas/Satellite Dishes/Similar Equipment and Accessories
These items are to be installed directly on to the caravan; digging into the ground for installation of such items is prohibited.

Campsite Rules and Regulations
The Campsite Rules and Regulations are posted on the campsite’s information boards and at the port. They are also available at the reception desk.

Winter Storage of Caravans
For all campers
Off-season, only your caravan can remain on the campsite (without anything underneath). Your lock box and/or any flooring are to be stored on pallets; in accordance with guidance of the campsite’s staff.
Lessees who completely remove their caravan from the premises in the winter themselves, are requested to inform the reception desk before 31 October. The wintering fee will be returned to them. In event of caravan removal, the plot must be cleared of all objects (lock box, flooring, etc.).
Awnings, flooring and all other installations must be dismantled by 31 October and placed on a pallet. The plot must be mowed and cleaned.

Moved Caravans
As usual, caravans are moved according to the chart posted at the reception desk. Further information and advice are available from our staff.

Re-installation 2021 (only caravans) : from 15 March to 31 March 2021
Awning installation: beginning 1 April 2021
Awning removal: until 31 October 2021
Caravan moving 2021/2022: from 24 Ocotber to 7 November 2021

Opening of sanitary blocks: 1 April 2021
Authorization to sleep at the campsite: from 1 April to 30 October 2021
Electricity available as of: 1 April 2021
Electricity shut-down as of: 31 October 2021

Moving Caravans
When requested by lessee, we shall move your caravan in the autumn, as well as in the spring, following the payment of the fixed fee of CHF 30.00 (excluding VAT), for each move (appointment date to be confirmed at the reception desk). A waiver must be signed by the lessee, prior to the caravan being moved. In this case, your caravan must be ready to move smoothly; the tires must be inflated and the stands should be lifted away from the ground. If these conditions are not met, we will not move your caravan and you shall be asked to undertake the move yourself. If your caravan is not yet moved by 6 October 2017, we will move it at your own risk and collect a tax (fee), according to the hourly rate.
If you sell your caravan, the caravan will go in the winter storage area, in the passage zone or in the parking lot.

The gates are locked from 22.00 hours to 07.00 hours throughout the year.
Those who have gate key cards can open the gates from 07.00 hours to 22.00 hours.

Parking Authorization Badges/Cards
The new parking authorization badges/cards have proven to be completely satisfactory. You are requested to continue to display the badge/card prominently behind the front windshield, on the left-hand side. Thank you in advance.

During periodic checks, owners of vehicles without the parking badge/card, or that of the previous year, will be asked to pay the daily parking fee at the reception desk.
The license plate of a vehicle without an authorized parking badge/card will be noted and registered.

Waste Disposal/Recycling Center
We shall continue offer service of the waste disposal/recycling center according to the posted schedule (pamphlet available at the reception desk). Waste sorting represents one of the key values in our brand power and budget. We’d like to ask you to be even more attentive when sorting your garbage.
Kindly listen to the advice of our staff and follow their instructions and guidelines. Through your careful sorting, we shall achieve even better results. Thank you again.
Garbage bins installed near the sinks are reserved only for food waste; they are not for glass, metal or PET.
A Nespresso capsule recycle bin and an aluminium can recycle bin are available at the waste disposal/recycling center.

Maintenance of Leased Campsite Plots
We have noted that certain leased plots have not been properly maintained (i.e., grass has not be mown). If, due to the lessee’s negligence, the leased plot is not mown, Avenches Tourism will undertake and invoice the work at a rate of CHF 50.00 (excluding VAT), per mowing.
We’d like to remind you that it is strictly forbidden to remove or prune existing trees and hedges, and/or to create small gardens or plantations without the express agreement of our manager.
In case of cancellation of a campsite plot (parcel), the specific area shall be checked and controlled by a member of our staff, by appointment only (date and time to be arranged at the campsite’s reception desk).

Animals and Hygiene
A specific place has been set up for preparing and gutting fish that have been freshly caught.
As a hygienic precaution, it is forbidden to bring dogs or other domestic animals into the sanitary blocks. It is also forbidden to wash animals in the dish washing sinks and/or washbasins.
New: a shower for dogs is now available at the port.

The use of fireworks and/or pyrotechnic devices is prohibited throughout the year and throughout the entire area (campsite, harbor, port, beaches, forest and parking lots). This is for security reasons, including the 1st of August (Swiss National Day).

Shelter / Tables / Grills
You can use the shelter upon reservation at the campsite’s reception desk. Please note that the tables and grills must remain in the shelter area and are not to be removed for use elsewhere (not for use on your campsite nor on the beaches).
You are also asked to clean the shelter area when you are finished using it (including the tables).
No noise after 22.00 hours.
At 23.00 hours and after, the shelter must be vacated and clean; except when an official entertainment event is held there.

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