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Avenches Tourisme

About us

Avenches Tourism & Its committee.

Let’s get to know each other!

free parking at the Port Plage campsite car park, valid for the year of membershipMonic, Emmanuel, Pascal, Patrick, Fernand… we are Avenches Tourism! We’d like to introduce you to the organisation, its activities and the different tasks that we undertake. Please read below.

Founded in 1892, the Société de Développement, renamed Avenches Tourisme in 2005, aims to promote the development of tourism in Avenches, in order to support the local associations’ cultural and sporting activities, as well as to ensure the town’s prosperity. 

Since 1939, thanks to the camping fees, from the very first campers to those of today at the Avenches campsite on the Lake Murten/Morat shores, which have been generating Avenches Tourism’s revenues, we have been able to meet all of our commitments.

Also, thanks to the campsite’s dynamic development, the Avenches harbour and our tourist office, our region has become a much sought-after tourist attraction.


We have been operating and developing the lakeside campsite on state-owned land, since 1957. Its infrastructure has been continuously adapted to the needs and requirements. The campsite’s equipment, location and management are classified with a 5-star rating by the Swiss Camping Association. With enough room for 700 places,  the Avenches-Plage campsite is one of the largest in Switzerland. Two-thirds of its spaces are occupied by seasonal tenants and one-third are reserved for visitors. It is quite normal for the campsite to be fully booked during the summer season.


Built in 1974, the small boat harbour, featuring 350 berths, completes the offer for lake tourism. Boating, sailing, water-skiing and  fishing ensure that the facilities are used to the fullest while attracting many visitors to our region every year.


The Avenches Tourism Office opened its doors at its present location in 1983. To cope with the numerous tasks and to better organise the promotion of Avenches and its region, a professional structure was set up in 1994.

In addition to welcoming visitors, the Tourism Office’s mission is to animate and promote the town. It sells tickets for major events in Switzerland and for local shows and events organised by local associations.


The income generated by the campsite and the port allows us to:
  • Maintain and renovate our facilities;
  • Provide quality services through the Tourist Office;
  • Animate the town in a lively way;
  • Support the activities of local associations;
  • Support special projects from time to time (Sports zone, the Château Theatre, the Youth Hostel, etc.).


By becoming an Avenches Tourism member, you will benefit from a 30% discount on the campsite’s fees as well as on the berth fees at the harbour; plus, free parking at the Port Plage campsite car park, valid for the year of membership. You can also get involved in the development of tourism in Avenches by participating in the annual general meeting.

Who can become an Avenches Tourism member? Any individual who is a resident of the Avenches municipality or who is carrying out a commercial, trade, or artisan/craft activity with a company name that is on the territory of the Avenches municipality can become a member.

The annual membership fee is CHF 30.00.

So, would you like to join us? Then please go to the Tourism Office to pay your membership fee, or write to us with your membership request at:
Comité d'Avenches Tourisme
Avenches Tourisme


Emmanuel Cressier, Vice-President – Responsible for Infrastructure
Olivia Bachelard - Responsible for Local Societies & Events
Patrick Hauser – Responsible for the Port
Pascal Dedelley – Responsible for the Camping Plage
Fernand Corminboeuf – Responsible for Buildings & Facilities