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Information for Seasonal Campers

General information concerning the administration, operation and rules of the campsite.


The rental contract for a seasonal berth is valid from April 1 to October 2, 2022. It is only valid for the tenant, his spouse and his minor children. It will be renewed tacitly from season to season, unless terminated in writing by one of the two parties.
Notice of termination for the following year must reach Avenches Tourisme no later than September 30 of the current year. Late terminations will be subject to administrative costs.
All new tenants receive 2 copies of the rental contract which must be signed and returned to Avenches Tourisme. The customer's copy will be reshipped by post.
For the payment of the invoice, our customers use the attached bulletin. The due date is December 31, 2021, payment period 30 days.
REKA checks are not accepted for the payment of a seasonal rental.
The attached registration form must be completed and submitted to reception no later than the end of April. Otherwise, sanctions will be taken which may go as far as the termination of the rental contract.


Subletting is prohibited. If the tenant lends his installation to a person, this person must report to reception and pay the various taxes.
Taxes and fees to be paid at the reception
Anyone visiting, spending the night on a pitch, must report to reception. A fee of CHF 8.30-, plus CHF 2.- (tourist tax) per adult/night is levied.
To replace a lost barrier card or sticker, please contact reception. Their replacement will be made against payment of the published costs.

Defibrillator - AED

A semi-automatic defibrillator is available at the Restaurant de la Plage.
Outside the opening hours of the Restaurant, contact the reception or 079 611 14 74.
All of our staff have been trained in its use.


We remind you that your caravan must be equipped with a valid gas technical inspection certificate. This control, valid for 3 years, can be carried out for example by the company Treyvaud Caravanes in Avenches, authorized to provide this certificate. A copy of the certificate must be provided at the reception of the campsite.
Gas-powered installations external to the caravan must also be checked.


Dog owners are requested to report to reception and pay the corresponding fee at the start of the season. From now on, a check will be carried out to find out if your dog is announced.
Dogs and cats must be kept on a leash and are prohibited in the bathing area, beaches and sanitary facilities.


Only one standard sized box/crate is permitted per plot.
On all seats, article 9 of the regulations must be applied. The laying of a maximum of 11 tiles is authorized.
Throughout the campsite, the slabs must be removed and stacked on pallets for winter storage.
On the ground are authorized perforated mats, perforated plastic tiles; Bottom mats and waterproof underlay (plastic, tarpaulins) are prohibited.


These accessories are to be fixed to the caravan, without digging the ground.

Campsite rules

It is displayed on the campsite and port information boards. It is also available at reception.

Wintering of caravans

For all campers

Out of season, all that remains on the campsite is your caravan (with nothing underneath). Your crate and any floor are stored on pallets, according to the instructions of our staff.
Tenants who evacuate their caravan in winter are asked to notify reception before October 2, 2022.
The wintering tax will be returned to them. In this case, the space must be cleared of all objects (body and floor).
Awnings, floors and other installations must be dismantled no later than October 2, 2022 and placed on a pallet. The place must be mowed and cleaned.

Caravans moved

Caravans are moved as usual, according to the table displayed at reception. Information and advice from our staff.

Reinstallation 2022 (caravans only) from March 14 to March 31, 2022
Arrangement of funds from March 26, 2022
Installation of awnings from April 1, 2022
Dismantling of awnings + pavilions until October 2, 2022
Displacement 2022/2023 from September 26 until October 9, 2022
Opening of sanitary blocks: April 1, 2022
Authorization to sleep at the campsite: April 1 to October 1, 2022
Electricity: Cut out of season

Moving caravan

On express request, we will move your caravan in the fall, as well as in the spring for a lump sum of CHF 30.- (VAT excluded) per move (appointment to be made at reception). For the execution of the trip, a discharge must be signed. In this case, your caravan must be roadworthy, the tires inflated, the stands raised and the pitch number clearly visible. If these conditions are not respected, we will not move your caravan and we will ask you to organize yourself. If on October 9, 2022, your caravan is not moved, we will move it at your risk and collect a tax according to the hourly rate.
If you sell your caravan, it will be wintered in the car park until March 15, 2023 at the most.


The barriers are blocked from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. all year round. Rights holders have access with the card from 07:00 to 22:00, only to load and unload goods.

Parking tickets

We ask that you place them prominently behind the left front windshield (driver's side). Thank you ! Covered cars must have a skylight for good visibility of the sticker.
During checks, owners of vehicles without a card or that of the previous year will have to pay a fine of CHF 40.-.
The registration number of the offending vehicle will be recorded.

Recycling center

We will continue to serve the recycling center according to the posted schedule (leaflet available at reception). Waste sorting is an important item for our brand image and our budget. We ask that you be even more vigilant when sorting your garbage.
By listening to the advice of our staff and by following their indications and directives, we will achieve even better objectives. Thank you.
The bins installed near the sinks are reserved for food waste only, no glass, metal and PET.
A Nespresso capsule collector, as well as a collector for aluminum cans are available at the recycling center.
A place is provided for emptying and depositing fish waste next to the boat launch.

Maintenance of rented places

We found that some places were not maintained (grass). If, through negligence on the part of the tenant, the space is not mowed, Avenches Tourisme will invoice the work at the rate of CHF 75.- (VAT excluded) per mow.
We remind you that it is strictly forbidden to uproot or trim existing trees and hedges and to create gardens or plantations without the agreement of our manager.
In the event of termination of the plot, the place will be checked by a member of our staff only by appointment (to be fixed at the reception of the campsite).

Animals and hygiene

For reasons of hygiene, it is forbidden to bring dogs or other pets into the toilet blocks. It is also not allowed to wash them in dish sinks or washbasins. A dog shower is available at the port.

Fireworks and drones

The use of fireworks and pyrotechnic devices is prohibited all year round throughout the area (campsite, port, beaches, forest and car park). This for security reasons, including August 1st.
The use of drones or similar devices is strictly prohibited on all campsites, ports, beaches and their outbuildings.

Cutlery and tables

You can have the cover on reservation at the reception of the campsite. The tables cannot be moved to your pitches or to the beaches.
We also ask when using the cutlery, that it be made clean (the tables as well).
From 10 p.m. until 7 a.m., calm is required in the campsite and its surroundings.
During the months of June, July and August from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.
From 11 p.m., the place setting must be free and clean, except in the case of official events.

We wish all our guests a beautiful and pleasant season 2022.

Compulsory fire insurance for caravans

According to information that has already been sent to you, your caravan parked on our campsite must be insured in the canton of Vaud. Indeed, the law (LAI) mentions in article 27:
Anyone in possession of movable property located in the canton is required to insure it with the Cantonal Insurance Establishment (ECA). This obligation does not extend to movable property brought into the canton and already insured with concessionary companies in Switzerland, provided that the owner presents the policy to the ECA which will validate it or not. In the event of non-validation, these goods must be insured with the ECA. When the policy expires and at the latest five years after their introduction in the canton, they must be insured with the ECA.
Persons who are not in a situation as mentioned above and who refuse the establishment of a movables insurance policy are liable to a fine of CHF 50.- to CHF 5000.-.
Persons who have not yet insured their equipment are requested to take out insurance as prescribed. Forms are available at the campsite reception. The premium rate is particularly advantageous: CHF 4.- per year, for CHF 1000.- of insured value.

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